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sonic avatars



Libero Mureddu, artistic concept and direction, software concept, iPad UI design, additional Max programming, live electronics (von Schlippenbach's avatar), project production

Vincent von Schlippenbach, turntables

Harri Sjöström, soprano and sopranino saxophones

Livia Schweizer,  live electronics (Sjöström's avatar)

Antonio Borghini, double bass

Ville Herrala, live electronics (Borghini's avatar)

Cristiano Calcagnile, drums and objects

Teemu Mustonen, live electronics (Calcagnile's avatar)

Alexis Baskind, sound recording for the Berlin recording session, software concept and design, Max programming, additional Jitter programming

Max Hilsamer, direction, camera operator and lighting for the Berlin recording session

@counterpoint_studio algorithmically generated audiovisual material

Federico Foderaro, Jitter programming

Tuisku Hillilä, sound recording at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki

Ilona Raivio, camera operator at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki

Bjarke Aalto, lighting at the Aalto Studios session, Helsinki

Rolando Camilo filming production at the Aalto Studios session

Jan Schacher, additional Max programming

Alisha Davidow, stage direction

Jon-Patrick Kuhlefelt, concert sound engineer

Sirje Ruohtula, concert light designer

Jonatan Snapir, concert assistant sound engineer

Janne Ikäheimo, concert producer

pbshki, Turntables rental

The project is supported by Taike, the Sibelius Academy Foundation, the Executive Group for Doctoral Education and Research (TTOR) of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Libero Mureddu's doctorate is supported by Koneen säätiö

Special thanks to Sakari Puhakka and Helsinki jazz ry for their help for the concert production

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