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Sonic Avatars
for eight improvisers and audiovisual live projections

In my second doctoral concert, titled 'Sonic Avatars', the musicians on stage respond to video recordings of their own performances. These digital doubles, the Avatars, are controlled in real time by four other hidden performers. During the concert, algorithmically generated videos emerge, where each Avatar influences the others, eventually overshadowing the original material. By the end of the performance, it becomes impossible to visually and acoustically distinguish who is controlling and who is being controlled.

Sonic Avatars continues my exploration of the improviser’s embodied knowledge within an unconventional performative space akin to a laboratory. By observing how performers interact with this unfamiliar environment, I aim to understand how their extensive yet invisible improvisational knowledge is applied in real time. Unlike my first doctoral concert (link), where players followed random written instructions from software, in Sonic Avatars they react to their own sounds and images. The premiere took place on October 25, 2023, at the Helsinki Music Centre.


The project is supported by Taike, the Sibelius Academy Foundation, the Executive Group for Doctoral Education and Research (TTOR) of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Libero Mureddu's doctorate is supported by Koneen säätiö.

A special thanks to Sakari Puhakka and Helsinki jazz ry for their help for the concert production and Aalto Studios for the filming session in Helsinki.

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