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Libero Mureddu’s ‘Septad’ is a Helsinki-based ensemble dedicated to the performance of real-time composed music.

The project reflects Mureddu’s current artistic interests after a twenty-year’s experience in improvised music within the Italian, Finnish and more recently in the Berlin-based scenes.

Septad brings together professional improvisers coming from a wide albeit often overlapping range of experiences, from classical contemporary to experimental and jazz music. The performers are given complete freedom in placing themselves at any point between those different approaches, without any limitation to the musical material they wish to contribute with. Therefore, the ensemble creates and explores in real-time the unexpected possibilities emerging from the coexistence of highly diverse materials.

This celebration of diversity is reflected in the spontaneous creation of subgroups during a performance: from solos, duos, trios, also simultaneously, to collective playing, any emerging combination is allowed and promoted.

Livia Schweizer (ITA/CH/FI) flutes,

Mikko Raasakka / Ville Lähteenmäki (FI) bass clarinet,
Veli Kujala (FI), quarter-tone accordion

Libero Mureddu (ITA/FIN) piano,

Aino Juutilainen (FIN) cello,

Ville Herrala (FIN) bass,

Janne Tuomi (FIN) drums and percussion.

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