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Chamber Music from Mars

Libero Mureddu (piano and keyboard) and Aino Juutilainen (cello, viola da gamba and electronics) improvise together since 2018. Their aesthetic is twofold: on one hand they performs with acoustic instruments exploring ideas related to algorithms and artificial intelligence. Their fascination resides on how nonhuman, machine-generated decisions sometimes seem more surprising and interesting than the ones created by a human mind. On the other hand, the duo uses digital and digitally modified instruments to create peaceful soundscapes that slowly evolve to wild trance-like states. This side of the project is the counterpart of the machine-directed music: here they praise the continuity of the music and the human factor in an otherwise nonhuman and digital sound world.

In the videos below, two improvisations with instructions generated in real time by a software made with Max. The third video is an example of their work on slowly changing soundscapes.

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